Insider Advice: Using This Card as Part of Your Credit Card Strategy

It will also depend on your credit limit, which will determine the level of benefits you get from that network.

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That rate also applies to balance transfers, so you can transfer a balance away from a different account with a high interest rate. Customer support is an important but often overlooked aspect of credit cards. Every year, J. Power conducts their Credit Card Satisfaction Survey, ranking the top credit card issuers in the country. In they ranked 6 th out of 11 issuers , not a great showing. We called them recently to ask one specific question about the benefits that come with the Cash Rewards card. Can you get a card upgrade? This was actually my situation, and I was trying to improve my lot in life while doing research for this post.

I call that extra credit. We had to wait on hold for a while as our rep investigated the possibility. But at least we had a chance to make a thorough study of the elevator waiting music. To be fair, this is probably a question that very few people ever ask.

Kudos to the rep we spoke with, who was patient and checked in to make sure we were still waiting, and to assure us that he was still working on it. Finally we did get an answer, and it was just as we hoped. All of your account history and card activity will transfer over to the new account.

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However, your card account number may change. Overall this was actually quite an easy customer support interaction. Although it took a little while to complete, card upgrades are a bit complicated and not as simple as just answering a question. The rep we spoke to immediately understood our somewhat-complicated request, and he knew exactly what he was doing.

Bank of America rolls out mobile cash back deals to reward cardmembers

We spent some time on hold, but it seemed understandable given the nature of our question. This is different than most other credit card issuers, which only provide a live chat for cardholders. However, depending on the reason you contacted them, you still may be asked to call Bank of America to resolve your issue. We spoke to Bank of America reps through their web chat to learn a bit more about this card.

Choose the cash back deals you want

We learned that BofA may check any one of your credit reports when you apply for one of their cards, from any of the three major credit reporting agencies. They also told us how this card is currently issued as a Mastercard, but you can get a Visa if you call customer support and ask after being approved. We also heard about how the benefits you get with this card will depend on your credit limit, as explained above.

It was quick and easy to speak with them, and they seemed pretty knowledgeable too, answering our questions without much delay. But if you need specific help with your account, we recommend you save yourself some time and call. The ability to choose your own category is rare among credit cards, giving you the flexibility to earn more cash back in the categories you spend the most in, rather than being stuck with static categories.

The Bank of America Cash Rewards might be the right card to help you earn some cash back on the kinds of purchases you make every week. But there are many other options for grocery and gas spending as well. Check out some of those alternatives below. Bank of America will check one of your credit reports from one of the major credit bureaus.

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Most people will get an instant decision, approved or denied. But in some cases it may take a bit longer, or Bank of America may request more information from you. This card will come as a Mastercard by default. After being approved you can contact customer support to request a Visa card instead, if you prefer. The only differences will be in some minor details of the benefits. Rather than offering a set reward for every purchase, the Amex EveryDay Preferred Card Review provides more points when you use the card more often.

Additional Information

This makes it a great option if you find yourself making credit card transactions almost every day, or if you want to have authorized users on the account as well. Your Membership Rewards points will be worth 1 cent each at the most when redeemed for flights or gift cards at certain merchants. So this card is mainly designed for travelers , specifically people who will use their points to book flights or transfer to partner airlines or hotels. You can also transfer your Membership Rewards points to a traveler loyalty program, where they might be more useful to you.

If you like to fly with Virgin Atlantic Airways, for example, you can transfer your points and use them to book a flight. Or transfer them to a hotel partner like Hilton to book a stay. But the value you get for a point transfer will vary, and it may be more or less than 1 cent per point. The Amex card includes most of the perks that Bank of America provides, plus more. There are more shopping and travel protections, like Return Protection. Cardholders get access to the Amex Offers shopping portal, which is similar to the BankAmerideals portal but it has a wider selection.

There are a few other minor perks as well. American Express typically provides a decent set of benefits with their cards, especially cards with annual fees like this one. If you get a good deal on a point transfer it could take less spending than that. After that your regular rate will be The other terms and fees are pretty similar as well. But if that sounds like you, this card might fit into your spending habits quite nicely. But the spending limit on this Amex card only applies to purchases at U.

BankAmeriDeals® program guide

The limit on the Amex card could work out better for you than that of the Bank of America card, depending on what you typically spend on groceries, gas, online shopping, and the other categories you can choose. The Blue Cash Everyday wins when it comes to the extra benefits. These will probably cover more situations than what you get with the Cash Rewards. And more than that, cardholders also get access to the Amex Offers shopping portal. This is much like the BankAmerideals service, but it includes more merchants and may be more useful for you. American Express may offer personal loans through this service, depending on your creditworthiness, and discounts on certain utilities.

And complimentary ShopRunner membership , giving you free two-day shipping and returns at certain online merchants.

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The Blue Cash Everyday and Cash Rewards cards are pretty similar overall, although the reward rates for groceries and gas are switched. This card is also different than most because you get half your cash back when you charge a purchase to your card, and the other half when you pay for that purchase. That makes it an excellent option to pair with other cards.

That would split up your spending between the two cards, which would be better for your credit utilization. The Double Cash has slightly better benefits than the Cash Rewards card, but there are only a few that stand out. Cardholders get a Personal Concierge to call for any non-emergency help they might need, like making reservations at restaurants or finding travel information. Usually it only comes at a price. So this is a good card offer if you want to transfer a balance away from an account with a high APR, giving you a year and a half to pay it off.

After the introductory period ends your regular rate will be The AARP Credit Card from Chase is one of the better card offers for anyone who just wants a way to earn cash back on gas, though it lacks most of the categories of the BofA card. If you spend an above-average amount on gas, or if you want to sign up authorized users , the AARP is a good option to earn unlimited rewards on that spending.

So if those are important to you this card might be off-limits. But you will have the same dining category, and in this case you can earn unlimited cash back at restaurants. This could be very valuable for anyone who goes out to eat frequently.