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What is the Hull to Rotterdam Ferry Timetable?

Hull Rotterdam Ferries. Friendly staff usher cyclists to where they need to be and prevent motor vehicles from getting too close. If you arrive as check-in opens, they will often let you board first. Find out more about our trip to Europoort, en route to Finland, here.

You can buy meals on board and if you pre-book them when you buy your ticket you get a cheaper deal. However, we prefer to save money by bringing a picnic. That way, we can eat as soon as we board and we are sure everyone has food they enjoy. Our first trip from Hull as parents was when our eldest was 16 months old. We were glad of the travel cot they supplied and enjoyed watching her toddle around the open spaces.

We have taken the Hull ferry with children on bicycles many times and have arrived both into Zeebrugge and Europoort. One time we arrived into Zeebrugge and returned home from Europoort, which can make a fun round-trip.

Zeebrugge–Hull Ferry Route

When planning a cycle tour we try to keep the prevailing wind behind us as much as possible! Arriving from the Hull ferry with children on bicycles to either destination was not as daunting as I had imagined. Being spewed off the ferry can feel weird, especially the first time. Other ferry traffic tends to give cyclists a wide berth and the off-road cycle paths start almost immediately.

The cycle path at Zeebrugge begins just after the first roundabout out of the port.

Hull Routes

You keep looking to the right and you can soon join the two-way traffic-free path. We cycled along the North Sea Cycle route to the Netherlands on one long trip and, on another, visited Bruges for a mini-break. We used this cycle map to find our way both to Bruges and to the Netherlands. The cycle paths in Belgium were impressive; a dream compared to he UK.

However, when we crossed the border into the Netherlands we noticed a difference in terms of the width and the surface of the cycle paths. Fast moving bikes hurtling in the other direction seemed a little close for comfort at times. Once in the Netherlands, cycling was nothing but a pleasure. The ride to Bruges is about 25km if you go the slightly longer, prettier route via Damme.

It took us all day as our set up at that time included slinging a balance bike over the handle of the double Chariot trailer for our then just-turned-two-year old. However for much of that ride he insisted on riding the balance bike while we wheeled our bikes alongside. His four-year-old sister slept in the trailer, and I pulled her empty bike along using the Follow-Me Tandem.

The welcome at passport control is typically a hearty one, with lots of interest about our set-up.

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Do bear in mind that these paths can be used by people with small-engined mopeds or scooters. These, along with many speedy cyclists whizzing along, means that children have to adopt a different kind of cycle awareness. We have cycled in many directions around Europoort and in every case we have found it to be safe, well-signed and cycle-friendly.

We bought Falk cycle maps, which are extremely user-friendly. Read more about cycling to Hoek Van Holland from Europoort here.

Hull - Rotterdam Ferry Operators

We also loved the small town of Brielle which is about 15km from Europoort. From Camping de Krabbeplaat you can take a little passenger and bike ferry across to the town of Brielle. The children were impressed by the inflatable slide in the water at the campsite beach. There are plenty of other options as well as the Hull ferry with children on bicycles.

There are a very small number of ferries that do not accept foot passengers with or without bicycles , for example Birkenhead to Belfast.

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