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They provide a FULL service to you when you dine out. They are owed the full amount of their tip, regardless of what you spend. If you happened to get a gift card from someone or pick up a great discount on GroupOn , you need to keep this in mind. While you get a discounted meal, your service is the same, no matter how you pay. If you plan on leaving a tip, you need to keep this in mind. And, remember that you do not need to tip on the tax, just the cost of the meal itself. They rely upon tips to pay their household expenses, car payment and other bills.

And that's all it takes to preempt any potential payment confusion after you've eaten or had your knitting lesson.

Groupon Tax, Tips/Gratuity and Delivery Explained

What about just up and giving someone a voucher for a gift? We're issuing a hesitant…yes…on this one, so long as it's done with extremely careful consideration of the recipient and the item or service in question. Oh, and keep in mind the nature of how daily deals operate means your giftee will likely know how much your present cost.

So it's probably best to stick with people you know really well, and whom you're sure will appreciate the experience above all else, if you're venturing into this territory. We'd hate for this to be a list of all no's, so here's a discount-manners-approved yes: buying two vouchers, and using one as a gift for a shared experience with a friend or boyfriend or cousin or whatever, is totally okay.

Say you and your bestie aren't usually "spa types," but you're planning a hangout and there's a discount on a combined mani-pedi at some fancy salon? Great, buy two!

How Much To Tip a Hairdresser and Other Salon and Spa Professionals

That sounds like a nice time, and a fun way to do something different on a budget. Acupuncture, botox injections, skydiving instruction - certification for all those things requires real education, no? Sure, this is a discount experience for you, and maybe one you're trying on a whim because of the light overhead, but the person injecting or instructing you has made a career out of it and has funded said career. Besides tipping accordingly, treat them with the respect you would if you were more heavily invested in the class or procedure.

How much to tip for wellness services and treatments | Well+Good

Or at least do so because acupuncture, Botox, and jumping out of a plane can all go horribly wrong, and you should hopefully both have and show faith in the person in charge of those activities. Doesn't always work, but at the very least they may see they saved a ton and feel like they got free money to burn I "jokingly" told him I would chase him out to the parking lot and kick him in the shins if he tipped me 38 cents. We laughed and he tipped me quite well. I feel for you!

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DH and I went to a place having an anniversary special the other night. Half off apps, and many entrees. Our bill was about half of what it normally would be.

We tipped off the full amount, knowing our usual total, but I can't imagine what kind of holy hell that was for the waitstaff. When I was a server, I used to highlight or circle the original total so people could see how much they saved. As a manager I encourage my servers now to do the same thing. Not everyone tips like they should, but I've noticed the amount of people who see the before and after price tip at least a little better.

And this is why all bills should have both totals. Many places I've been do not. Whenever I have discounts on a table I print out the original receipt and give another copy to the manager to discount. I then print out the discounted receipt and put both the original and the discount in the check presenter, that way they can see how much there bill would have been.

Salon Tipping at a Glance

It sometimes works to get a better tip. Especially if I've taken in libations, numbers can get kinda fuzzy, so it's nice to have a paper reminder of the original amount. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Groupon and tipping. Posted by Server. Most people don't read the fine print though, sadly. Continue this thread.