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E-gift cards, ebooks, apps, gift codes and online game access are all excellent examples of giving virtual gifts that can also tie in nicely to promoting sponsors, collaborators or creating a buzz about up and coming products that you are marketing. Sweets have definitely been done before but hey, they are a crowd and budget pleaser!

Add a unique twist by opting for some of the old classics that are not as readily available to get people feeling nostalgic and show how much you care.

How to bring swag bag game to a new level? Tips & best bag ideas

For those on a tighter budget or with smaller distribution, upcycling vintage items and turning them into new products can be an interesting, cheaper alternative that is super memorable. For example, vintage teacups that have been turned into candles are a conversation starter, statement piece and also something you or your team can make yourselves.

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This is a really personal touch if you want to ensure you are passing on something they haven't seen before. For weddings, trade show stalls or other smaller fairs consider buying pieces in bulk and creating something new to save on the budget. Plus, this gives you the flexibility to truly reflect your brand and breathe new life into a piece again ticking the environmental angle!

Something like the vinebox which offers 3 small glasses of special curated wine can add a more luxury feel to the goody bags and will definitely make attendees feel warm inside! Alternatively, for lower budgets, you could include a free drink voucher in the goody bags for events that offer a bar or catering. Music is another common love that everyone shares so a cheap and cheerful goody bag gift that attendees will enjoy are headphones and they are easy to brand as a static marketing technique as well.

Since people usually wear earphones for public use it is easy to see where they got them from and boom, better brand awareness. They are also a great twist on the old classic ear protectors that used to come with goody bags and flights! A practical giveaway is a Fitkit.

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In essence, this is a small kit to encourage exercise and a total body workout, even if traveling away from home. Presented in a portable branded case or bag it can include a jump rope, resistance bands, and exercise cards produced by a qualified fitness instructor. Provide the ultimate movie night giveaway by providing a gourmet popcorn presentation set. Perfect for the next opportunity to "Netflix and chill" in style. Choose from organic brands or different flavors. Perfect for the feel good factor and unwinding after a busy event!

If you really want to impress, consider offering a mini-drone. Look at models that can take photos and videos to give an exciting and practical angle to the giveaway. Offering lots of fun and a very different promotional opportunity, this will certainly get everyone talking! Goody bags are important to your attendees so no matter what you choose, make sure that you have an impact for the right reasons.

Keep your brand in the forefront of their mind.

Ultimately, unique and decent swag will spread awareness and keep your goodies from being put straight in the bin or forgotten about in a corner! This post is brought to you by the EventMB Studio team. If you want to have content like this for your website, contact us. Explore Event Technology. Event Inspiration. Event Management. About About. Our Events. Resources Our Events.

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Stay Connected. This is a guest post from Brianna Valleskey of Sendoso. Ultimately, the quality of your swag reflects your brand. The goal is, after all, to expose as many people to your brand as possible.

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Forget cheap shirts and overly branded sunglasses. Here are 13 fun, useful, and unique giveaway ideas to thrill your attendees and keep your brand top of mind. Want your event attendees to be more engaged at your event? Rudeegraap says you or your event sponsor should give away decoder glasses. Let your event attendees or booth visitors try their luck with scratchcards offering special prizes. This is a great way to get people excited about the potential for high-end items without having to spend your entire swag budget on a single event. Be sure to advertise all the potential things they can win if you want to build anticipation and encourage participation.

13 Original Swag Bag Ideas to Thrill Your Attendees

So why not let your attendees indulge in some giving? Sugar-rich sweets might help your attendees get a boost of much-needed energy during your event.

But the last thing you want is for them to crash when it wears off. Think trail mix, protein bars, or dry fruit. Print custom wrappers or stickers with branded messages or compelling industry facts that resonate with conference-goers. Rudeegraap recommends going for both functionality and fun when possible. This idea may seem old school, but people still love taking home books. Just be sure to offer plants that come in small boxes so that they can travel easily.

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These magnetic spheres can inspire creativity, give you something to do with your hands, or simply add an element of aesthetics.