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What you always get with a Sony is a superb panel and a powerful TV when it comes to the actual picture and any content upscaling. It lacks some of the premium gaming features touted by other TVs, like higher refresh rates, Freesync, and low response rates but The Sony TVs come with plenty of extra features too. This is an Android TV, and is compatible with Google voice search, plus is has Chromecast built in which is a handy bonus - although we don't yet know if that means it'll be Stadia-ready. Sony's UI is just fine, if not class-leading, and setting up the TV requires a bit of tinkering and learning how to operate the TV.

The newer X-series Sony TVs are great, but come with a massive price premium, so we'd definitely recommend picking up 's model to save money. This is the resolution of the image that can be displayed by your TV. Almost all modern gaming TVs are 4K.

HDR isn't strictly about contrast - it's a way of making the difference more noticeable between colors and blacks , and HDR can actually be used by game makers and developers to pick out more details in their creations. Primarily, HDR is used to boost the color of a picture by making colors more vivid, thereby contrasting them further. If you can separate very similar shades of color, then you can create clearer images. The minimum standard for HDR is a brightness of nits the measure of brightness on a TV , although some TVs manage nits in Basically, while LCD and plasma panels require something called back-lighting or edge-lighting to create pictures on screen, OLED panels don't need it.

With back-lit or edge-lit TVs, the LEDs in the panel are illuminated in groups or lines to create a picture.

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This is what allows for truer blacks in OLED sets. With the ability to completely switch off each individual LED, you get sharp edges on images and deep blacks because there is no backlight showing through at all.

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This means QLED sets offer brighter colors and better contrasts than any other panel type. The panel is still either back-lit or edge-lit like traditional 4K TVs, and this can make a huge difference when it comes to black levels. This makes them perfect for gaming.

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  • You'll hear a lot about the response time of a panel, especially when discussing gaming TVs. This is basically the speed at which a color can change on your TV eg.

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    Most 4K TVs have response times quicker than we can perceive them, so it makes no real difference to gameplay outside the twitchiest of shooters. However, purists will want a TV with the quickest response time possible. This is the speed at which an image can be refreshed on your TV and shouldn't be confused with response time. A 60Hz 4K TV, for example, refreshes the image on screen 60 times per second, which allows a certain level of smoothness to the image.

    If the TV refreshes at Hz, the image is twice as smooth, and you notice that in how slick the motion appears on screen.

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    Many TVs 'game modes' will boost refresh rate artificially, usually by downgrading other display features eg. You need at least an HDMI 1. The majority of modern console games can't display at 4K 60fps, so as long as you have a 2. And no, you don't need to buy expensive gold-plated HDMI cables to get a better picture - just the Amazon Basics will do just fine.

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    Read our affiliate policy for more info. A view so clear, it's beautiful whether turned off or on. With over 1, bucks off, it starts to look even more attractive… View Deal. So while you can quibble over precisely which TV brand you like best, clearly LG has an in-built advantage when it comes to getting the most out of OLED.

    However, another great thing about LG's TVs is that they do an excellent job of upscaling p HD video without HDR and even good quality standard -def material is scrubbed up to look perfectly passable. A wealth of apps is available, so you'll never run out of things to watch. The original round smartwatch from Motorola is back with updated tech for , could it take be the best Wear OS watch ever? Better sound, better fit and active noise cancellation, although AirPods Pro does lose one key AirPods feature….

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